Freitag, 6. März 2015

The start of something beautiful: Weirdbook is back

I'm honestly hoping that this is the start of something big. A week ago I would have believed anyone who would have told me that David and I would be reviving Weirdbook with Paul Ganley's blessing.

This is what happened.

 I was sitting a work during lunch eating some mediocre micro-wave chili and musing that would it be nice if someone would bring back Weirdbook.

Then I thought "Shit! Paul's a publisher and world class writer, maybe I can talk him into this".

I wrote to Paul and tossed out my bad-chili fueled pipe dream.

He was all for it.

I wrote to Paul Ganley laying out our plan for a Weirdbook arrival.

Paul conferred with a certain Darrell Schweitzer. Darrell must have failed to talk Paul out of it seeing that he went and gave us his blessing anyways. He even agreed to be our Editor Emeritus.

David is Senior Editor and Publisher and I am the fiction and managing editor.

What may surprise people is that I offered  Paul "Kill-Switch Powers" in case he would ever be unhappy or dissatisfied with our efforts.

David and I got started soon as Paul gave his go ahead.

David is currently working on the layout and I set up a website, Facebook group and this blog.

It looks as though we have Steve Santiago lined up as our interior illustrator for our first issue which will be #31.

The layout will stick closely, but not slavishly, to the original layout designed by Paul

Since we are paying out of our own pockets, no KICKSTART here,  payment will be only $20.00-$30.00 for our first issue. We intend to reinvest a large part of the profits into the next issue with the intention of raising our rates as we go along.

As far as content goes, we plan on offering the best genre fiction available. This includes weird, horror, weird SF, dark fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, and everything in between.

Our goal is to ENTERTAIN and not to impress the critics. I can't begin to describe how excited and happy we all are. David and I are extremely fortunate to have received Paul's trust and support.

We have no intentions of letting either Paul or you, the reader, down.

Lastly all of us wish to thank all of you for the amazing out pouring of support and good will that we have been shown since announcing  the re-launch of Weirdbook!

Take care and come back.

Douglas Draa

Managing & Fiction Editor Weirdbook

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